Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Veiled Conceit

Here's how my brain works. This Klimt painting sells for a record $135 million to "cosmetics magnate" Ronald S. Lauder.

This reminds me of a young lady that was a year behind me at Occidental College, Vara Lauder. This reminds me that Melanie mentioned in the last few months that Vara got married, I think, and she saw the announcement in the "Vows" column of the Sunday New York Times. I google and there's the column with accompanying video. Sort of. Actually, I have stumbled upon a hilarious blog called "Veiled Conceit," that picks apart the Vows section of each Sunday Times.
Cruel and mean-spirited? Perhaps. Then again, it is a public record and the "Vows" columns can sometimes be saturated with pretentiousness. Marriage is an institution and institutions often are fertile targets for mockery.

Veiled Conceit can be viewed here.

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