Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Random Last Day of Spring Rambles

BillyBlog killed my journal.

I love music blogs. It started with VH1 Best Week Ever and their daily blog. Each weekday, they list five or six links to the "Best Music Ever," and inspection of blogs dedicated to discussing music and providing mp3 files turns up some regulars. Right now, my favorite is "I am Fuel, You Are Friends" which refers to lyrics of, of course, a Pearl Jam song, "Leash." It's not a PJ-blog however. In fact, Heather, who operates the blog, has put up, in the last week, "Powers" by Blackalicious, covers of Van Halen, Mason Jennings, R.E.M.'s "You Are the Everything," songs from the vastly underrated George Clooney-J.Lo film "Out of Sight," songs from the Victoria Williams album tribute record, "Sweet Relief," and threw in a link to a great article on Slate by David Eggers about soccer/football in America. I strongly recommend her blog to all, especially if you are looking for some good music.

You can get lost in the mp3 blogosphere by hopping through the links on each blogger's sidebar, clicking on interesting-sounding blog names and seeing if you unearth any goldmines. Through "I am Fuel" I found a post on the funk-ska band Fishbone, a Cohen family fave --- it was Jolee and Shayna's first concert, in Central Park, when they were itty-bitty-kiddies. From there I found another treasure trove, a huge downloadable archive of concerts for free, including said Fishbone, the Grateful Dead, Jack Johnson, Ween, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Billy Bragg, The Mountain Goats, etc etc, all legal downloadable live music. Get started here.

Slow news day for the tabloids in NYC....the lavish spending habits of Giants' defenseman Michael Strahan and his wife, currently in divorce court, make the headlines for both the Post and the Daily News.

For those of you outside of NYC, enjoy the weather. It is hotter than a _______ in ________. Fill in your own regional metaphor and put it in my comments section. Hotter than a snake's ass in a wagon rut just doesn't cut it in the streets of Manhattan.

And kudos to Colin for solving the riddle of yesterday's post, although Tony e-mailed me with the same solution earlier.

Go Cyclones!


Anonymous said...

Check out and Support Mason Jennings. His Mom, Marty used to work for me when I was still at Vanity Fair Intimates. A fine woman who was proud of her sons waiting and waiting for Mason to "make it." How excited were we when we saw him on CBS Sunday Morning. His stuff is great.

Anonymous said...

oh, and its hotter than a Baboon's ummmm, uh, urgh, it's too freakin', hot to think of anything friggin' funny.

heather said...

Thank you so much, Bill! I am humbled.