Thursday, May 25, 2006

Fun With Bucks, Redux

Hey. Remember way back when, back here?

Basically, you track where you bills have gone via a website called Where's George?

That was March 6, and I started logging bills. I think I found six more from other people. I bought a couple of stamps to more boldly mark my bills. But as of noon Wednesday, I had nothing. How much of nothing? Between March 6 and May 22, I logged 227 bills and I still had a "0" George score. That means no one found one of my bills and registered it with the site.

Well, my drought is over, I finally got a hit, two days after releasing a bill in Manhattan, it was snagged down on Wall Street and entered by the finder 16 miles away in Elmont, out on Long Island. Click here to see the report. Yippee!

1 comment:

Kenna said...

I passed one on once, but lost track of it.