Wednesday, May 03, 2006

BillyBlog Hits a New Low

I saw this on the Best Week Ever blog and I had to pass it on. It was either this or yet another post about how great the new Pearl Jam album is, and I know you're all sick of hearing about them (ooh, just wait until Friday!).

So, with attention to the lowest common denominator, check out this quiz. You get to guess the bra sizes of 100 celebrities. Why? Why the hell not?

I did abysmally. I got a D, and we're not talking cup size there.

Actually only guessed 38 out of a 100, so it's graded on a curve, so to speak. Expect better results from Mrs. BillyBlog who used to fit people as part of her job with a lingerie manufacturer.

Post your results here. It's multiple choice. Have fun!

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Anonymous said...

If you know that I am an expert bra fitter (from 7 years working as a Regional Merchandise Mangager for a Lingerie Manufacturer, you will probably think I was really bad at my job. But, I really wonder where they got their info. There is no way DOlly Parton is a 40. She is big breasted - not big framed. She has a tiny rib cage. She is no larger than a 34. The list is very long for the incorrect band sizes. Cup sizes were close, but these women either need expert fittings - or these pictures are way off - even after getting the answer wrong. BUT - the boys will have fun with this one.
Is anonymous #1 allowed?