Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Top 20 Books, #19

Behold: say what you will about Rob Reiner and Cary Elwes, even if you didn't like the movie, or even if you did, William Goldman's book is priceless and wonderful and warrants spot #19 on my list of top 20 favorite books. I am not saying best, I am saying favorite.

I discovered another list, the Brothers Judd Top 100 of the Twentieth Century, with a whole list of other lists. The Brothers Judd ranks this on their list as #91.

Everything that you can say positive about the film, that it is funny, romantic, exciting, is magnified in the book. I especially love the layering of the novel. We are introduced to modern characters, one of which reads from the book, The Princess Bride. The book becomes a character and the wall between the story and the people in both levels of story blends into one fantastic voyage.

If you haven't read this, do so now. It's a quick read and well worth the time spent journeying with Wesley and Inigo Montoya, in the pursuit of true love.

As you wish.

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