Monday, September 12, 2005

Sunday Cycling

Hi all, a bit tired here. Rode in the NYC Century Bike Tour yesterday. Had hoped at the beginning of the Summer that I could pull off the 100 mile route, but "settled" for the 55-er instead. It was a gorgeous day in the city, quite like the September 11 from four years before. Several riders had pictures pinned to their jerseys. Airplanes flew in the cloudless sky. Beautiful, haunting, amazing. When people wonder why I live in this city, I offer many replies. One I have yet to invoke is the feeling of wonder and awe at riding on Manhattan city streets on a Sunday mornings, when the cars are merely nuisances (rather than dangers).

On another note, I mentioned this to Melanie, but cycling jerseys are a bike-rider's unique signature. Or sometimes, a team bond. The attached photos are the three coolest jerseys I saw yesterday:

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