Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Mr. Bill And Me (Yet Another Production)

5 years ago today, I was about 5 months unemployed.

A couple of opportunities presented themselves between February and June of 2013, but it was a sad lonely time of daily repetition, sending out cover letters, emails, answering the occasional call, going on the less occasional interview. When July rolled around, I was near the end of my proverbial rope.

One day in late July, I walked into my bedroom and took the following picture:

I posted it on social media and people liked it. Mr. Bill became a welcome distraction. A month later I was offered a job and started in September. I'm not saying Mr. Bill changed my life, but the timing seems fortuitous.

I've long thought about compiling the adventures of Mr. Bill into a some coherent record, aside from the scattering of photos in my google albums.

Behold: the birth of yet another Bill Cohen blog, Mr. Bill and Me.

I will be posting and dating the posts as accurately as possible.

Mr. Bill got around.



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