Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just Another Day in New York City

What a day Monday was! Woke up and, on the way to work, saw another classic cover from the New York Post:

Then, at lunch, met Hooter, an English Mastiff, outside the Garden:

What a face!

I always love working where I work this time of year, as we get to see a whole slew of amazing show dogs.

Of course, some people don't love the Westminster Dog Show. The Peta protesters were out with their latest shock-and-appall campaign:

What the hell are they doing? Offending most passers-by. Then again, they got me to blog about it, didn't they? Check out the article in USA Today here. The article features this photo:

I reprinted it here just to show the readers that, in the background is a big neon sign for Madison Square Garden, right behind that is a building. That's where I work.

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Ben said...

Not a very tall building for NYC. Bit disappointed.