Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Saddest Cupcake in the World

A respectable 6.70 miles this morning, doing a couple of circuits around Dyker Beach Golf Course
in a decent, albeit unambitious, ride.

My 4.1 picture was a blurry attempt at artistic expression: the lightening sky seen through the warped vision of a playground designer-

I'd default instead to a shot taken a quarter of a mile later on my second lap of the course. I must have missed it in the dark the first time around:

Sorry William Carlos Williams, but so much depends on a discarded cupcake, abandoned on a city street, uneaten, and awaiting certain smushing.

On a side note, all is well in Southern California, the BillyFamily there was shaken, not stirred. Read a brief account of my dear old Dad's over on his blog The Ancient One, Blessed Be He, featuring a cameo by yours truly.

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