Friday, November 09, 2007

New Poetry in Motion poster(!)

Spied on the N train, 5:47 pm, November 9, 2007:

"If there is something to desire"

If there is something to desire,
there will be something to regret.
If there is something to regret,
there will be something to recall.
If there is something to recall,
there was nothing to regret.
If there was nothing to regret,
there was nothing to desire.

--Vera Pavlova
(b. 1963)
Translated from the Russian by Steven Seymour


Leon said...

Welcome back! You were missed! :->

Tattoosday said...

Thanks, Dad.... and you were visitor # 33,333! Sorry, no prize.

Anonymous said...

I saw that poem on the N train today! It really struck me.

Anonymous said...

i saw this poem on the 4 train today its beautiful im putting it on oh-my-myspace! lol

Anonymous said...

saw it on the D. thanks for putting it up, thought i wouldnt see it again. great poem [going on facebook]

Anonymous said...

Saw this on the E this morning arnd 7:45...was half-asleep & recalling the events from the night before thinking "i shouldn't have"...& then i read this...i woke up, i smiled and suddenly the morning wasn't so bad.

Kizz said...

That poem has been just killing me for ages. Thanks for putting it up here.

Anonymous said...

saw it on the 7 today. Awesome , haven't introspected this much in quite a while.

Anonymous said...

i've seen it a few times, i like the poetry in motion banners
as i read it again today, it's kind of hard to critique this one
it emp's on desire, regret and recal and the negates them, any coment?