Monday, March 19, 2007

Max Brenner

So I missed posting about Max Brenner in February when we went there for Shayna's birthday, so I'll jabber about our trip there on Saturday to celebrate Melanie's.

Before we continue, if you are unfamiliar with this fine establishment, check out their website here. New York has the only two locations of this international phenomenon that started in Israel.

Let's just say, it's all about the chocolate. But there's real food too. But, hey, it's about the chocolate.

Personally, I started with a hot chocolate, tin the traditional hug mug:

I opted for the "Mexican Spicy Hot Chocolate," with red chili, nutmeg, cinnamon and pepper. Sounds hot (two-fold) and it was delicioso!

Keeping with the theme, I dined on the "Chili-Rubbed Chicken Breast French Toast". With Sauteed onions, asparagus, chili sauce and melted Swiss cheese. Double delicious.

I'd bore you with what everyone else had, but there's be no point. Let's skip to dessert. Jolee and I shared the chocolate fondue:

There's dark choc in the foreground and milk choc in the background. And we toasted marshmallow, banana bread, strawberry and bananas right at the table.

Grandma Cyndee had the M.B.N.Y. (Max Brenner New York) Cheesecake. See below. It must have been good because we were told beforehand that we could all have a taste, but someone "forgot" to offer us a bite. Then again, can't say I blame her. (Mommels, if you're reading this...just kidding!)

Shayna had the "Popping Candies Chocolate Lick" (below). Gee, someone looks excited.

And Melanie had the Truffle made of 70% Cocoa.

Fun stuff indeed, and well worth the wait!

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